Buy Alaska Sablefish (Black Cod) Fillets

Alaska Sablefish (Black Cod) Fillets

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The “caviar of fish” – Alaska Sablefish is an absolute delight and one of our favorites. Sablefish is caught by hook and line in the deep icy waters of the Gulf of Alaska. After the fish is brought aboard, it is quickly packed in ice, landed and processed at our facility. A true luxury fish, Black Cod is often called “butterfish” because of its incredibly rich and succulent flavor. In terms of its texture and flavor, it is sometimes compared to Chilean sea bass. With its beautiful snow-white fillet and soft velvety texture, Sablefish is a healthy choice as well. It is full of high quality protein and heart-healthy Omega-3 fatty acids, and has important minerals including phosphorous, iron, zinc and calcium.


Sweet, succulent and intensely flavorful – enjoy world-class Wild Alaska Sablefish in vacuum-sealed, flash-frozen fillets, cut into 3/4-1 lb portions.