For Saturday Delivery, please contact us before placing your order. Please note that we are only able to ship to the United States at this time.

pack fish

1 styrofoam cooler

styrofoam cooler

2 gel ice

gel ice

3 styrofoam cooler Is placed inside a cardboardliner

styrofoam cooler Is placed inside a cardboardliner

FedEx Overnight Air

FedEx Overnight is our preferred choice and recommended shipping option at checkout. When you order fish online and select FedEx overnight, your order is guaranteed to arrive the next day after it is shipped and spends the least amount of time in transit. When destination and in-route temperatures are warm – more than 70 degrees Fahrenheit – we strongly advise you to select FedEx overnight. In some instances, frozen seafood may arrive partially defrosted and/or partially thawed. In these cases, please place the fish in a freezer as soon as possible; it will be just fine.
All overnight orders include insurance and a FedEx guarantee of condition for our fresh and frozen products upon delivery. All insurance, guarantee of product condition, and money back guarantee claims are subject to the conditions of FedEx. All fresh fish and seafood is shipped FedEx Overnight only.

FedEx 2nd Day Air

We are proud to offer our customers FedEx 2nd Day as an economic option to overnight shipping. The important distinction between FedEx Overnight and FedEx 2nd Day is that with FedEx Overnight, we are able to offer a FedEx guarantee of condition of our fresh and fresh-frozen fish and seafood when it is delivered to you.
Please consider that we DO NOT offer insurance, a FedEx guarantee of product condition, or a FedEx money back guarantee on FedEx 2nd Day air shipments. In our experience, FedEx 2nd Day works well for frozen, smoked and canned seafood products when destination and in-route temperatures are not more than 70 degrees Fahrenheit.