Snug tote with fish

Over the last 25 years we have learned a lot about fish. We have built docks, grown our fleet of vessels, invested in processing equipment and technology, and developed new products. We have grown immensely, but we have never lost sight of what we set out to do from the beginning: to produce the finest fish and seafood products. To us, quality is an ever-evolving part of our culture. We strive to produce a consistent and high quality product, and to this end, we take a total quality approach to everything we do. Our finished product is superior because we hold ourselves and our fishers to the highest standards.

Processors Sort Salmon Roe in Trays
How do we know? Because we are involved in the entire process, from ocean to plate. We believe the final quality and flavor of our fish products begins from the time the fish is brought out of the ocean, and we believe a superior finished product is the result of having a superior incoming product. We have developed and maintain strict handling, chilling and temperature requirements, and our total quality approach is maintained from the boat, across our docks and throughout our processing facility. When we produce a high quality and consistent quality product, we prosper, and our fishers do to. This is why we partner only with Alaskan fishers who share our philosophy and commitment to quality.

Salmon Roe Being Rinsed