Employment Opportunities

Seafood processing is similar to production line work. The job entails constantly working with your hands, some heavy lifting, and standing for long periods of time. Our employees must work quickly in order to meet production deadlines. The work environment is very wet, cold and humid. Snug Harbor Seafoods take pride in providing a safe work environment for all employees. It is important that our employees have the ability to understand and follow instructions and safety rules. Snug Harbor Seafoods is looking for individuals who are energetic, hardworking, and can work well with others. The employment period is from March until October or layoff, whichever comes first. Occasionally, promotional opportunities arise within the production department and production support areas. We encourage all interested employees to apply for these positions. There is no guarantee of hours. Snug Harbor Seafoods Conducts Mandatory Drug Testing.

Position Requirements
• Must be at least 18 years of age, or 16 or 17 years old with minor permit.
• Must have valid proof of authorization to work in the United States (see required Eligibility Document at the end
of this document.
• Must be able to understand and speak basic English.
• Must be able to perform repetitive work, stand, bend, twist and constantly work with your hands.
• Must be able to lift heavy objects (up to 50 lbs.) and carry materials from one point to another.
• Must be able to work well in close proximity with others

• Starting Hourly Rate: $1.00
• Overtime Rate: $15.00
If the work is so hard, why would anyone choose to do it? Lots of overtime hours! Because seafood is a highly perishable product, it must be frozen as quickly as possible to maintain the highest quality. This is why the seafood industry offers more overtime than most summer jobs. All hours in excess of eight (8) straight‐time hours in a day will be paid at the overtime rate of one and one – half (1 1/2) times the base rate of pay.

The point of hire for all out of state employees is Anchorage.
New Employees; Snug Harbor will provide a one way ticket from Seattle for those individuals traveling from outside Alaska and who successfully complete Snug Harbor’s Seasonal contract.
Returning Employees; Snug Harbor will provide a round trip ticket from Seattle for those individuals traveling from outside Alaska and who successfully complete Snug Harbor’s Seasonal contract.
In the unlikely event an employee does not complete Snug Harbor’s Seasonal contract, all airfare will be deducted from wages prior to separation of employment. All airfare arrangements will be made by Snug Harbor unless prior arrangements have been made with Snug Harbor management.
Anchorage Alaska has an International airport and there are several carriers that offer hourly flights from Anchorage to Kenai. If you choose to purchase your own ticket to fly to Kenai, Snug Harbor will pick you up from the Kenai airport. Snug Harbor Seafoods provides company bus service from Anchorage to Kenai at no cost to the employee. Please contact Snug Harbor Seafoods to find out the scheduled date and time of our bus pickup service.
Jason’s Hostel in Anchorage (907‐562‐0263) will pick you up at the Anchorage airport and take you back to the Hostel. If you arrive in Anchorage early and need a place to stay Jason’s Hostel has rooms for ten dollars per night. This is also a convenient location for us to pick up employees.

Our bunkhouses are heated, equipped with bunk beds, mini fridge and space for your luggage. There will be a $10 per day charge for room & board (3 meals per day). Snug Harbor Seafoods provides weekly laundry service for free – one load per week per person washed, dried, folded, and put back into your laundry bag. There is a quick stop convenience store next door to Snug Harbor Seafoods that sells groceries, sandwiches, microwaveable quick snacks, and some clothing and hardware supplies.

Provided Protective Gear
Rain pants, raincoats, earplugs, and hairnets are provided. Some boots are available to purchase for a nominal fee. Some people prefer to provide their own raingear and boots. Processors are required to wear ALL raingear and protective equipment during their entire shift, without exception.

What to Bring
We recommend that you bring the following:
• Warm, sturdy, washable work clothes – coat, jeans, flannel shirts, hooded sweatshirts, hat, thermal underwear and
heavy, warm socks.
• Towels and washcloths
• Toiletries – soap, shampoo, toothbrush and paste, deodorant
• Medication
• Alarm clock
• Entertainment items – books, games, mp3 player, camera, laptop.
Snug Harbor Seafoods does not discriminate against any employee or applicant because of race, color, religion, sex, age, national origin, disability or other statutorily protected status. This policy applies to all decision affecting employment.

How to Apply
Print and completely fill out the application at the end of this document. You may either fax or mail your completed application form to us.

Contact Us
Snug Harbor Seafoods, P.O. Box 701, Kenai, Alaska 99611
Phone: (907) 283‐6122, Fax: (907) 283‐6127

Work Availability
Throughout the year, work is available on a seasonal basis at one or more locations. Because of the unpredictable nature of these fisheries, it is best to call our job line at (907) 283‐6122 for updates on timing and staffing needs.
The fishing seasons in Alaska vary from year to year. How large or small the runs will be each year depends entirely upon the forces of nature. We have little control over how much fish comes in for the processing.
The amount of work we can provide depends upon how much fish we get. At the beginning and end of the season or during seasons you may work up to 18 hours per day, 7 days a week. Several weeks may pass before there is a day off. Hours are more variable at the beginning and at the end of the season.

Working Conditions
Most of the work that we have is called “sliming” or cleaning fish. This type of work involves removing the viscera (guts) and cutting off heads, fins, gills, or tail. That means there are lots of fish guts and fish blood in the work area.
The environment can be wet, cold and drafty. Due to moving machinery, it is noisy and hearing protection is required. All work gear, including eye and hearing protection, are provided for you. This can be very boring and tedious work. Sliming and other processing jobs may require standing in one spot doing the same task anywhere from 0 to 18 hours a day, 7 days a week. Breaks are every 2 to 3 hours, alternating between a paid 15 minute break and an unpaid 30 minute meal break. There may not be opportunities to switch jobs during your shift. Between periods of production, you may experience stretches of time with no work. Not everyone is willing or able to do the labor that is required to process fish. It’s hard work! The first week can be the worst as your body gets used to the job tasks and long hours. Seafood processing is physically and mentally demanding because it involves strenuous as well as repetitive tasks. You should be healthy and willing to accept this type of work. People with back or wrist problems should consider these conditions before applying for jobs in the seafood industry. If you have any doubts at all, it is in your best interest not to apply.

Drug and Alcohol Policy
Snug Harbor Seafoods, Inc. is a drug and alcohol free company with a zero – tolerance policy. The use and/or possession of drugs and alcohol are forbidden on company property and while under contract, we require employees to consent to random, post‐accident, and for cause tests. If you want to work for us you must be willing to live and work in a drug and alcohol free environment. Violation of our drug and alcohol policy will result in immediate termination.

Quality on the Job
Snug Harbor Seafoods is a food processing facility. We want to put out the best product possible. We want all employees to be aware that the fish we process will become someone’s meal. During orientation and on the job, employees will learn how to properly handle seafood, to preserve freshness and quality, and to prevent contamination. The Good Manufacturing Practices or “GMPs” include rules for personal hygiene (keeping yourself and your clothing clean). They also cover rules for sanitation such as disinfecting your gloves, boots, and gear before going into the processing areas. They include rules for preventing the product from becoming contaminated (such as by wearing hairnets, and not chewing gum, eating, drinking, smoking, or wearing jewelry while processing seafood).

Safety on the Job
Snug Harbor Seafoods, strives to provide a safe and healthful work place for all employees. We are proud of our safety record! We have developed policies, rules and safe operation procedures as part of our Accident Prevention Program. We expect everyone to follow these policies and take an active role in preventing accidents in the workplace.

Final Notes
Many people have unrealistic expectations about the amount of money they can make working in Alaska. The fishing industry is extremely unpredictable. Even during a good season, the wages you earn in Alaska maybe comparable to or less than what you can earn elsewhere. Also, because this is seasonal work, you cannot depend on it for steady income. Remember: no fish, no work; lots of fish, lots of work! We hire lots of people with diverse backgrounds. You must be tolerant of and able to get along with a variety of people and personalities.

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Overtime rate: $15.00

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