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In 1990, we started buying fish in a small building just outside the small town of Kenai, Alaska. But our story begins much earlier, in the 1970’s, when our co-founder Paul Dale began commercial fishing. Throughout the 70’s and into the 80’s, Paul fished in Cook Inlet and the Gulf of Alaska. After a number of years on the water, he became interested in fish processing and went to work for a shore based fish processing company.


We partner with Alaskan fishing families who, like the generations of families before us, care deeply about the food we consume. Simply, we care about where our fish is harvested and how it’s handled, from the ocean to our plate.


Over the last 25 years we have learned a lot about fish. We have built docks, grown our fleet of vessels, invested in processing equipment and technology, and developed new products. We have grown immensely, but we have never lost sight of what we set out to do from the beginning: to produce the finest fish and seafood products.


At Snug Harbor Seafoods we believe our biggest asset is in our people. We are proud to have a talented and hard working group of people. We are energetic, forward thinking and passionate about what we do. We are constantly innovating, improving, and seeking out new opportunities in our industry. As we move forward, we are looking for likeminded people to join our company.

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Snug Harbor Seafoods, located on Alaska’s Kenai Peninsula, prides itself on producing only the highest quality salmon, black cod and halibut.


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