Employment Opportunities

Seafood processing is similar to production line work. The job entails constantly working with your hands, some heavy lifting, and standing for long periods of time. Our employees must work quickly in order to meet production deadlines. The work environment is very wet, cold and humid. At Snug Harbor Seafoods we take pride in providing a safe work environment for all employees. It is important that our employees have the ability to understand and follow instructions and safety rules.

Snug Harbor Seafoods operates a processing plant, receiving docks and a seafood store and is looking for individuals who are energetic, hard-working, and able to work well with others. The employment period is from March until October or layoff, whichever comes first. Occasionally, promotional opportunities arise within the production department and production support areas. We encourage all interested employees to apply for these positions.

There is no guarantee of hours.
Snug Harbor Seafoods Conducts Mandatory Drug Testing.

Position Requirements for working at our procesing plant and seafood store.

Must be at least 18 years of age (16 and 17 year olds with completed Minor Work Permit)
Must have valid proof of authorization to work in the United States
Must be able to understand and speak basic English
Must be able to perform repetitive work, stand, bend, twist and constantly work with your hands
Must be able to lift heavy objects (up to 50 lbs) and carry materials from one point to another
Must be able to work well in close proximity with others


Starting Hourly Rate: $10
Overtime Rate: $15

If the work is so hard, why would anyone choose to do it?

Lots of overtime hours! Because seafood is a highly perishable product, it must be frozen as quickly as possible to maintain the highest quality. This is why the seafood industry offers more overtime than most summer jobs. All hours in excess of eight (8) straight-time hours in a day will be paid at the overtime rate of one and one ­ half ( 1 1/2) times the base rate of pay.

How to Apply

Apply Online Here.